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Having edited picture and sound, and having mixed numerous Oscar-winning films, Todd brings a wealth of filmmaking experience and sensitivity to his scoring work.  Above all, he strives to make each score feel like it couldn't have been composed for any other film.


With an Oscar, an Emmy, and numerous other awards and nominations to his name, he has worked with a stellar list of filmmakers: David Fincher, Carroll Ballard, David Lynch, Jon Else, Milos Forman, Philip Kaufman, Peter Weir, James Redford, David Peoples, Bill Couturié, Kris Samuelson and John Haptas, Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine, and Lourdes Portillo, among many others.


* Emmy for score     ** Emmy nomination for score


"Todd Boekelheide’s jazz-infused score heightens the feeling that you’re not watching a documentary as much as a taut, true-life contemporary thriller."

- review of 3½ Minutes, Ten Bullets


" . . . Todd Boekelheide's Celtic-flavored score is a major plus."

- review of Digger


". . . unforgettable . . . so exquisitely filmed, edited and scored it is the documentary equivalent of a tragic epic poem."

- review of Regret to Inform


"Playing a major role in drawing the viewer into the film is Todd Boekelheide's gorgeous guitar and orchestral score . . . the music is lovely."

- review of Nina Takes a Lover


" . . . ace documentarian Jon Else and musician Todd Boekelheide create their own special mood . . . the film is simply gorgeous."

- review of Yosemite: The Fate of Heaven


". . . Plaudits also to Todd Boekelheide for his rich, evocative and occasionally haunting music."

- review of The Outsider



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